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Within 12 to 48 hours after these symptoms appear, the typical scarlet fever rash begins. The scarlet fever rash is as bright red as sunburn, and it often has a fine texture like sandpaper "sandpaper rash" or gooseflesh goosebumps. It usually starts in the underarm area, groin and neck, then spreads to the trunk, back, arms and legs. 28/06/2006 · Last night I noticed a light red rash covering her neck, stomach, back, and groin area, but not her arms and legs. It is almost hard to see, but it is visible. The rash feels rough to the touch, like goosebumps. I haven't changed detergents, nor have we eaten anything out of the norm. 09/09/2009 · I have some sort of rash or something but basically it looks like I have the goosebumps but they're a very light red color. It's popping up all over my body in small patches. I have some on my arms, neck, legs, hands, and back. They're barely noticeable but if you look close enough you see a lot of tiny red bumps. And they ITCH like.

Pin prick/goosebump like rash in 11mo baby 26 Posts Add message Report. Ewe Tue 03-Mar-09 20:19:13. She has had the rotavirus for the last few days, hideous diarrhea, fever etc but has seemed fine in herself. This evening she has developed a pin prick rash that looks a bit like goosepimples apart from not as close together. 02/04/2003 · I have a tiny goosebump like rash that itches insanely on my arms between my elbows and wrists and on my neck. It's slightly on the tops of hands also. They are not hives. The neck thing has been going on for a while. The arm thing started several wks ago. No creams help with the exception of Sarna. That helps. Chicken skin causes patches of small bumps to appear in patches on your skin. This condition is a bit hard to treat, but some home remedies and medications have been found to be effective in making a chicken skin rash fade once it appears. A rash is often a reaction by the skin to contact with a chemical or environmental substance. The rash, along with itching and chills, may occur in response to irritants such as perfume or skin-care products. This cluster of symptoms also can be signs of heat rash, which is generally caused by prolonged exposure to extremely hot weather conditions. 02/12/2007 · Someone please help! My 15 month old daughter has a rash that looks like goosebumps.? she didnt have it when i put her to bed but i just checked up on her and i was rubbing hre back but her skin felt bumpy and leathery. i turned on the lights and found that she was covered in a bumpy goosebump looking rash all over her body.

01/05/2008 · I have had a "rash" which feels and looks like goosebumps on my upperarms for approx the last 12 years since puberty. I once told the dr and she said it was dry skin. I have tried so many things, the only thing that makes a difference is betnovate, but if i stop applying it, it just comes back. HELP! 28/03/2003 · I have a tiny goosebump like rash that itches insanely on my arms between my elbows and wrists and on my neck. It's slightly on the tops of hands also. They are not hives. The neck thing has been going on for a while. The arm thing started several wks ago. 10/11/2016 · Itchy goosebump type rash. Becky B177 Posted on 09-11-2016 at 12.44AM. Hi all, my son has a rash all over his body that looks like goosebumps and is very itchy. He has had it for about 3 days now and it bothers him most during the night. It's mainly on his back, stomach.

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